Review Policy

My review requests are currently open.

Hey there! First of all, let me say I am honored to be considered as a reviewer for your book! However, I would greatly appreciate it if you would read over my review policy before contacting me for a review.

Accepted formats

  • Ebooks (EPUB or Mobi)
  • Audiobooks

These can be either ARCs, galleys, or finished copies. I currently do not accept physical copies.

Genres I will read and review

I will read any genre in YA, New Adult, and Adult fiction, except horror. I am very picky about thriller.

My favorite genres are fantasy, romance, and contemporary. I am generally not very picky about genres (as long as it’s not horror. No horror please I beg of you my heart can’t take it). Books with LGBTQ+ rep are more than welcome!!!

I do not read nonfiction.

What to include in your request

Please include in your request…

  • A summary and cover of the book
  • The release date (if ARC or galley)
  • The length of the book
  • If you have a specific date where you expect the review to be posted (this might influence my decision)

What happens if I accept your request?

If I accept your request, there is 100% chance that your book will be reviewed. However, if it is an ARC or galley, please be aware that I do not guarantee that my review will be posted on or around the release date – but I will try my very best. I will never post a review of an ARC more than two weeks before the release date (unless requested otherwise).

I will try my best to read the book in about a month. However, this is not a guarantee. As a student, life can easily get in the way, so please understand if my reviews take a bit longer.

The review will be posted on this blog and on Goodreads. If requested, I will also post it on Amazon.

About my reviews

All of my reviews, regardless of circumstance, will be entirely honest. Please be aware of the possibility that I do not enjoy your book; my review will reflect that. By sending me a request to review your book, you understand that there is a possibility it will receive a bad review. Please note that I review the book and not the author, unless I find problematic subjects such as homophobia, racism, etc (except, of course, if it is there to serve the story/plot).

On the other hand, if I really love your book, no one will ever stop hearing about it!!!

Where you can contact me

Email: sofia (dot) salazar studer (at) gmail (dot) com →

Or fill out my contact form here.

Thank you so much for reading! ❤️