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A graphic novel that owns my heart // a review of Always Human by Ari North

Hey everyone!! Today is my stop for the Always Human tour by Hear Our Voices Book Tours! Thank you for letting me participate, I’m so excited for this!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Always Human

Author: Ari North

Series: Season 1

Genre: New adult science fiction, LGBTQ+

Publisher: Yellow Jacket

Date published: May 19th 2020

Rep: Sapphic main characters, agender rep, (mentioned gay rep), POC main characters, POC and BIPOC side characters, disability rep (main character)

Length: 256 pages

Content warnings: cuteness overload to be expected

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In the near-future, people use technology to give the illusion of all kinds of body modifications — from different colored hair and eyes, to highly- technological implants that change the way they function in the world. But some people aren’t so lucky, plagued with a highly sensitive immune system that rejects these modifications. Maintaining a “natural” appearance, these social outcasts must rely on cosmetics hair dye in an attempt to fit in. Sunati is attracted to Austen the first time she sees her and is drawn to what she assumes is Austen’s bravery and confidence to live life unmodded. When Sunati learns the truth, she’s still attracted to Austen and asks her on a date. Gradually, their relationship unfolds as they deal with friends, family, and the emotional conflicts that come with every romance. Together, they will learn and grow in a story that reminds us no matter how technology evolves, we will remain… always human.

First serialized on the popular app and website WebToon, Always Human ran from 2015-2017 and amassed over 76,000 unique subscribers during its run. Today, as an archived piece on the site, the title has always over 400,000 unique viewers. Reformatted for a print edition in sponsorship with GLAAD, this beautifully-drawn, soft sci-fi, queer graphic novel will available wherever books are sold in both paperback and hardcover formats.

*Thank you to Hear Our Voices for giving me a copy of this book for the tour in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*


I first read this book in June and feel in love. Two months later I reread it for this tour and it got better?????? Literally how

I will put my previous review below, mostly because it’s very short and very “skjfhbwierhf” which pretty much reflects my thoughts on this book but I’ll add some new things after!

story: 10/10
drawing: 10/10
rep: both main characters are POC – Sunati is asian australian (indian and indonesian descent and a bit of chinese, korean, nepalese & malaysian) and Austen is from Chile & Australia (I know this thanks to the author’s Q&A hahaha), LGBTQ+, non-binary side characters
content warnings: really cute girlfriends that will make you swoon, a really cool futuristic world I wish I could live in (give me the mods omg changing your appearance sounds so cool!!!)
Also, I really appreciate that Sunati doesn’t change the color of her (beautiful) skin), I’m still not over the cute asf koala, and also Austen is so??? Beautiful??? I literally have a crush on both main characters lol oops

I’ll probably just be repeating myself but bear with me…

The drawing style is my favorite thing ever – and I’m not even joking! Seriously it’s so cute and pretty and everyone is so attractive (my bisexual ass is quaking). The rep in this graphic novel is BEAUTIFUL. Not only is it unapologetically queer, it’s also incredibly diverse in terms of skin color and disabilities.

The story line is great too! It’s not about adventure and it’s not the most exciting gasp-inducing plot I’ve ever read, and yet it kept me interested for the entire time I read – and I didn’t want to stop or for it to end!!! The portrayal of healthy relationships was beautiful too, and something I feel like we don’t see enough.

I quite literally have nothing bad to say about this. Nothing. Read it.

Favorite quotes

(some of the quotes kinda need commentary so that’s what’s written at the bottom 😂

“You’re the type of person who likes new things. You like bright colours and sparkles and there’s nothing wrong with that. This is who you are. Don’t pretend to be anyone else.”


“I was six when I found out that people can actually go on holidays to mars.”

(I mean, how cool)

“You can’t start a relationship by keeping secrets.”

“What’s brave about not having a choice?”

“You act as if I can do no wrong. As if everything I say and do and justified. But I’m not perfect. I make mistakes all the time. I can be petty and angry and insecure. And I can’t live up to the pedestal you’ve put me on. I just can’t.”

(sometimes being put on a pedestal is not the good thing you think it is)

“But sometimes it feels like you only admire the things that make me different”

Fifteen thoughts while reading

Disclaimer: my thoughts are never organised while reading

  1. Mods are SO COOL
  2. I live for this mini cat Alexa it’s adorable I want one
  4. Okay all of the characters are gorgeous PLEASE
  5. The drawing style is AMAZING
  6. They’re holding hands 🥺🥺🥺🥺
  9. Rainbow scarf rainbow scARF RAINBOW SCARF
  10. This is so cute I want to die
  12. Is this angst
  13. Aahhhh man I see healthy healing healthy relationships I love it gimme gimme 
  14. Austen is a whole ass mood

(I did 16 but shhhhhhhh)

About the author

Ari North is a queer cartoonist who believes an entertaining story should also
be full of diversity and inclusion. As a writer, an artist, and a musician, she
wrote, drew, and composed the music for Always Human, a complete
romance/sci-fi webcomic about two queer girls navigating maturity and finding
happiness. She’s currently working on a second webcomic, Aerial Magic,
which is about the everyday lives of the witches who work at a broomstick
repair shop. She lives in Australia with her husband.

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Thanks for reading!! I really hope you’ll give this amazing book a try! ❤️

Stay safe everyone!! Sending you lots of love!!! ❤️

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