265 Latinx book recommendations for the 2020 Latinx Readathon!!

Edit: we are now at 270 recs!!!

Hey everyone! Long time no see! Today I am back after a (very sad) hiatus with a super exciting announcement and many, many beautiful Latinx recs 😍

First of all! If you hadn’t guessed already, we are running a Latinx readathon!!! Completely out of nowhere, I’ll give you that, but in my defence this is more of a “I realized I haven’t been reading Latinx books which is so sad so I’m forcing everyone else to read lots of Latinx books with me during the month of august lol”. I’m running it with three other beautiful humans – their twitters are linked below!

Now this readathon comes in the form of a bingo (yaaay) with twenty prompts or boxes or whatever you want to call them. Of course there’s no need to read twenty books (most complete multiple prompts anyway) or complete all twenty prompts – you can aim to complete one line to form a bingo or just complete one or two prompts; the ultimate goal of this is to have fun and read some Latinx books!!

This readathon will run for a whole month, aka from August 1 to August 31st, and updates, games, whatever, will be posted on the readathon’s twitter account. (but if you’re on instagram, you can always tag me or dm me @ aelinskingdom for readathon related things!) Even if this is a bit last minute, I really hope you’ll join us in the fun!!!

Now, let’s get on with the recs *rubs hand*. I sincerely hope you will suffer like me after reading this post because your TBR will have grown by 265 books. oops. There are too many good books on this earth and I despair because I want to read them ALL.

the bingo!!!

Before we begin

Little things I would like to specify before we begin:

  • Unless stated otherwise, all of these books are #ownvoices (unless a few slipped past me because I was doing this at 4 am, in which case if you catch them please let me know!)
  • If a book completes more than one prompt, I will not write down the book’s name twice under the different category (if I do, it’s a mistake, please let me know!). I will choose one of the categories and write the name of the other category/categories between parentheses and in bold.
  • I will also write the genre of each book and the type of Latinx representation (if I can find it) between parentheses.
  • All links lead to Goodreads.
  • If you find any mistakes please let me know! I did my best to research each book but since there are a lot it’s very possible I made mistakes.
  • I have not read almost any of the books on this list (hence, the readathon). Again, I tried to research each one to the best of my ability, but if you know one doesn’t have good rep or anything like that, please let me know!
  • Finally, don’t forget to fill out the sign up form with the books you’re going to read for this readathon! Filling it out also automatically enters you in our giveaway for a copy of Lobizona by Romina Garber. The link for the form will be at the end of this post and in the bio of our twitter account.

An afro-latinx writer

This first prompts asks you to read a book by an afro-latinx writer!

*All of these authors have at least one of their books listed somewhere else on this*

A poetry book or a play

This prompt asks you to read a poetry book (poetry collection) or a Latin American play (the plays (except two) don’t have Goodreads, so huh no link here)

Poetry collections:


  • Kiss of the Spider Woman (M/M) (Argentinian rep)
  • The Asphalt Kiss (Brazilian rep)
  • Death and the Maiden (Chilean rep)
  • Requiem for a Friday Night (Argentinian rep)
  • House of desires (Mexican rep)
  • Black Light (Salvadorian rep)
  • The Orgy (Colombian rep)
  • Under a yellow sun (Bolivian rep)
  • Our Lady in the Clouds (Ecuadorian rep)
  • The Grandmother (Argentinian rep)
  • The Conquest of Santa Fé de Bogotá (Colombian rep)

A short story collection

Read a short story collection/anthology!

A plot centred around food

Read a book that has a plot centred around food or that prominently features food!


Read a book with a gay relationship between the main characters!


Read a book with a lesbian relationship between the main characters!

Bisexual main character

Read a book with a bisexual main character!

Trans or non-binary main character

Read a book with a trans or non-binary main character! Sadly, not many options here ://

Children or middle grade

Read a children’s book or middle grade novel!!

Fun fact: without spreading out the middle-grade and children books in this list, the final count of my recs for this prompt comes to a beautiful 42 books!! … and I have to admit I found a lot more but there were *so many* in the lists that I just couldn’t put them all in!

A book set in a Latin American country

Read a book set in a Latin American country… or Puerto Rico!

A Latin American classic

Read a Latin American classic!

A retelling

Read a Latinx retelling (of anything!)

The group book

This time around, we chose Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From by Jennifer De Leon for the group book!! I’m super excited, it looks amazing!

Disabled main character

Read a book with a disabled main character!

Plus sized main character

Read a book with a plus sized main character!


Read a nonfiction book!

little disclaimer: two of these books are written by a lesbian author and a gay author respectively, however I didn’t include them for the F/F and M/M prompts because they’re real people and it feels weird. But if after reading the book you think they would still work for the prompt, feel free to say the book completed it!

Most of these are also likely to fit the Set in a Latin American country prompt but I forgot to write which ones did down rip

An immigrant story

Read a story about immigration!

Some of these books might be hard to read; make sure to read the trigger warnings. But don’t shy away from reading them, sometimes it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and read about what many (too many) people are experiencing every day.

A graphic novel

Read a graphic novel! Ok so let’s be real I don’t think a children’s picture book counts as a graphic novel but it’s a book with drawings and I saw a few cute ones so I say it’s close enough

A backlist title

For 2020, any book that came out in 2018 or earlier counts as a backlist title!!

Free space

This is a free space! As long as it’s Latinx, go wild!!!

And finally… not one of the prompts but books you should definitely look out for:

Latinx Releases coming out after August 2020

So, I am definitely insane for doing this

But I really hope you guys like it!!!

I am now exhausted because it is way past my bed time, but I really hope you’ll participate in our readathon!

Fill out the sign up form for the readathon: https://forms.gle/r7rq4xAkAfwwVzrp7

Stay safe everyone!! Sending you lots of love!!! ❤️

If you enjoy my content, please consider buying me a kofi!!

22 thoughts on “265 Latinx book recommendations for the 2020 Latinx Readathon!!

  1. There are so many here that I want to read and some more I’ve added to my tbr list. I really want to read Poet X, Clap when you land and with the fire on high. Ripped Pages sounds really good and I’ve added it to my tbr list. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Thank you for hosting this readathon and for making this post! I was having a hard time finding books for each prompt so this post is really helpful. I can’t wait to read more books by Latinx authors!


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