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Percy Jackson & the Olympians Book Tag

Hello everyone!! It’s been a little while but I’m so excited to finally do this book tag!! Thanks to Meg from A Little Shelf Righteous for creating this great book tag!! I’m also super excited for the Percy Jackson TV show, I really hope they do it right this time, because those books have SO MUCH POTENTIAL. I also really want to reread soon because I’ve read them too long ago and I miss them :((

Either way let’s get into it!!


Your favourite main character from a series

Okay so for this one I either have to go with Aelin from Throne of Glass or Wei Wuxian from Mo Dao Zu Shi (let’s pretend it’s series; it’s long enough to be anyway lol). Aelin is so strong and badass and honestly her comebacks always make me laugh so much. I haven’t read throne of glass in a little while and I miss her (and everyone really. Another series I have to reread TT). Wei Wuxian is honestly the best too, I will never ever stop wanting to read more about him. He’s messed up bad, that’s for sure, but I stay convinced it wasn’t all his fault. I love morally grey characters and wwx is just.. amazing. I mean how could you not fall in love with him? (Lan Wanji, 2020). He’s so goofy and generous and fun and then the there’s the yiling laozu that could kill you without even taking a step and aaahhhh I just love him so much 😭

8 razones por las cuales debes ver el C-Drama “The Untamed”, un ...
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ohsehuns: The Untamed | Yiling Laozu – China (中国)
somuchnonsense - Wangxian Nonsense Tumblr Blog | Tumgir

Sorry I’m too indecisive for just one GIF. Do you see how his smile changes from the first two GIFs to the last one?? PAIN. PURE P A I N. I can just hear “WEI WUXIAN!” “Lan Wanji.” in a flat voice. Wow now I’m just making this bad for myself and sorry for anyone who’s watched the show and read the book that’s in pain with me right now :))


Your favourite wise book quote

Well, “wise book quote” let’s just say “””wise””” but I really like this quote: “Libraries were full of ideas—perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.” by Sarah J Maas (Throne of Glass).


A book you can always count on (to cheer you up)

Ahhh so many contenders!!!

+ any well written MDZS fic in existence


Your favourite unlikely hero

I’m gonna follow your lead Meg and choose Rhys for this one. I just love him with all my heart!!! I knew beforehand that he was going to be more than what we saw at the beginning (thank you instagram by accidentally spoiling a little bit by gushing over Rhys so when I was reading the books I was like ok something is going on). Argh I miss the whole inner circle now. Why am I like this


A guilty pleasure book to indulge in

Omg definitely any book by Simone Elkeles!!! Angsty, cliché, enemies to lovers romance, I’ve probably read all of her books at least twice, maybe three times. I just,,, love them so much and I think they’re some of the first actual romances I’ve ever read!! Totally guilty pleasure reads except I don’t feel guilty about it 😂


A character you would bring back (to life)


(Jiang Yanli from mo dao zu shi if you hadn’t guessed already)


A character you would dive in into the abyss to save

Argh, so many. I would say wei wuxian but this would turn into a mo dao zu shi tag so I’ll pick someone else. As well as it turned out in the end, I would save Damen from the Captive Prince. That first book was honestly so terrible and I want to save him from all that pain. He’s such a cinnamon roll (that could kill you, yes – wow that reminded me I would also save Wen Ning that baby cinnamon roll that could will you but I said no mdzs lol) and he just really didn’t deserve all that happened to him. Thankfully, it ended happily and I would never take Laurent from him, but like ugh the beginning hurts me EVERY. TIME.

The Lightning Thief

A book you’d steal to get your hands early (upcoming release)



A book that doesn’t look like much but is important to you

ahhh sorry skip this one I can’t find anything that fits >.<

The Labyrinth

A book you could get lost in

Why do I always talk about the same books lol I literally cannot think of one I haven’t mentioned yet rip haha

This whole series

my indecisiveness is coming ouuuuuuut

Curse of achilles

The trope that is your biggest weakness

Ahh that’s an easy one!! I’m a huge trope fan in general but really nothing beats a good, well-written enemies to lovers!!! I also love a good secret that is revealed in a big angsty way lol just give me all the angsttttt

That was so much fun!!! Thank you again Meg for creating that tag!! I’m so sorry but I’m currently too lazy to tag anyone, so everyone is welcome to do it and say that I tagged you ❤️❤️

Let me know if you’ve read any of the books I chose and if you’ve liked them!! Also don’t forget to do this tag, I would really love to read all of your answers (plus, it’s so much fun!!)

3 thoughts on “Percy Jackson & the Olympians Book Tag

  1. Eek, I loved all your answers! Especially every time you mentioned ACOMAF because . . . it’s epic? There’s no words that describe my love for that book. Also haven’t read a Simone Elkeles book in a while, but I remember loving Perfect Chemistry!

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    1. aaah thank you!! I totally agree haha ACOMAF is E P I C. Omg yes perfect chemistry was so good!! I haven’t read the other books in a while but I’m due for a reread lol I remember really liking them as well!

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