readathon TBRs

My TBR for Transathon

Hello everyone!!! I’m super excited to be announcing my TBR for the transathon!! I’ve realised I haven’t read a book with a transgender main character yet – huge mistake – so here are the at least 13 books I will be reading for this readathon!!

As a cis person, I want to educate myself in order to be the best ally and friend possible, and I can’t wait to read all of these incredible stories. Most of these books are books I’ve wanted to read forever because of the story (and not only for the rep) and oohhh god I cannot wait.

I am PRAYING to get an ARC of Cemetery Boys (cross your fingers for me please I’m dying I need that book) so that I can read it for the transathon!! I really really hope I do but considering I’ve been rejected a few times already I don’t have much hope 😭

The transathon is still in a little while, but I have the urge to read all of these books already. Patience. Sofia. Patience.

OOP rewind, I just noticed that the readathon was extended to one month!! That’s so exciting hehe. So the plan will be to read more than I’m going to put in this list, but I think once I read everything on the list I’ll just see what happens then.

Here are the awesome prompts!!

A book written by a trans woman

A book written by a non-binary person/multiple trans characters

A book written by a non-binary person/a book with a non-binary main character

A book written by a non-binary person

A book written by a trans man

A book with a trans main character


A nonfiction trans book/a book with the word trans in the title

A nonfiction trans book

A graphic novel/a nonfiction trans book

That’s all for now!! Since the readathon is a month long now, I’ll probably end up reading more so I would be really grateful if you could comment more recommendations!!

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