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Stay at Home Book Tag!

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Hey everyone! I’m so excited, Aries @ Writeous Baby tagged me for a Stay at Home Book Tag (thank you!!!). Can’t wait to answer the prompts!

Click on the cover of each book to see it on Goodreads!

Laying in Bed

• a book you read in one day •

Find The Ninth Life on Goodreads here, Moonscript here (my review here), and Disciplinary Action here

I cheated a little bit, but thanks to quarantine (well, summer break) it’s pretty easy to read books in one day!!! The Ninth Life (YA fantasy) was the strangest book I’ve ever read – both in a good and bad way – make sure to watch out for its release in September! Moonscript (YA fantasy) was PHENOMENAL!!! I absolutely loved it and you should 100% read it. Disciplinary Action (M M romance/erotica) was really surprising! I never expected for the book to both be this good and to be more than just porn without plot. If you’re into this kind of book, you should definitely give it a try!


• a guilty pleasure read •

I really really debating between this book and A Court of Mist and Fury, but this one won in the end. I don’t think anything can really be a “guilty pleasure” (don’t ever be ashamed of things you like!!!) but I’m interpreting this as a book that makes you happy. And this, oh god this is IT. Whenever I need to feel happy and smile I just read this novella and my spirits lift up immediately. I used to read this right before going on stage because I would just be smiling like an idiot for like an hour after 😂 I mean this also works with this other CP novella that makes me laugh until I cry or the entire Captive Prince series (I mean except the first book because that one really ain’t happy) but reading the middle of the third with all the fluff and my absolute fave Lamen moment *starts sobbing*. Y-yeah


• a series you want to start •

THIS BOOK. I have wanted to read this book + the second one for a while now (also this particular cover is so damn gorgeous I-). I’ve heard AMAZING things about this series and I. Need. It. Now

Deep Clean

• A book that’s been on your TBR forever •

The number of books that fit this prompt is pretty much endless. I’ve wanted to read these five-ever (I’m pretty sure I have This Savage Song already, I just never read it). I think these have been in my Goodreads TBR since 2018 which might not be super long for you but considering it’s more or less when I started reading “full time” again and when I started my goodreads account, it’s been a while 😂

Animal Crossing

• a book you bought because of the hype •

Not exactly a book I bought, but most definitely a book I will be reading in 5 days when it comes out because of the hype. Can’t wait to read it!!!

(Also, I know it’s pretty stupid but I tend to read books that are recommended to me or that people recommend on their blogs/twitter without even reading the blurb. I really don’t often read blurbs lol which has landed me in some very weird and dumb situations but oh well)


• a book you learned from or that had an impact on you •

Of course, OF COURSE, how could I answer this question without mentioning Throne of Glass? I definitely would not be here today if not for that book. This book is what made me get involved in the book community and truly start reading again and mostly importantly it made me create my instagram account which led me to meeting so many new, amazing friends. Reading that book might just have been one of the best small decisions of my life! I don’t deny that that series has flaws, but I love it with all my heart and am eternally grateful for the people it allowed me to meet.

This was the long answer to: “I mean, have you seen my username?”


• a book you were gifted •

One of my roommates gave me this book for secret santa and I haven’t read it yet (I know I know). I’m really excited to read it though and I hope I can get to it soon!!!

Self Care

• one thing you’ve done recently to look after yourself •

Wow I have to admit I didn’t anticipate this prompt to be the hardest one. To be honest, I haven’t really done anything to look after myself recently. School was very stressful a few weeks ago and it’s only recently calmed down, so I guess I could say I’ve been doing nothing a lot, if that counts? But my sleeping schedule is a mess and I haven’t been taking care of my skin or eating very well, so… I don’t know!? I will do better!


• an upcoming release you are looking forward to •

I WANT TO READ THIS BOOK SO BAD!!!!! The comics Fence were absolutely amazing and I just,,, need more. Also the last comic that came out ended on a cliffhanger and I’m dying on the inside a little lot bit.

But this is only one of the upcoming releases I would kill for, some of the (many) others being Cemetery Boys, Boyfriend Material, Court of Lions (Mirage #2), Blood & Honey, Kind of a Big Deal, You Had Me At Hola, Written in the Stars… I could keep going forever! So many amazing looking books coming out soon!!!

Thanks again to Aries for tagging me!!! ❤️

I Tag

  • Izzy @ My Bookish Chapter
  • Ellie @ Eleanor Sophie
  • Syl @ Syl & Books
  • Geraldine @ Corralling Books
  • Esther @ Cozy with Books
  • You! (aka anyone else who wants to join!)

(Sorry if I’ve tagged you recently in another post 🥺)

15 thoughts on “Stay at Home Book Tag!

  1. This is such a fun tag !! 😊
    The cover of The Poppy War is gorgeous !! I also want to read it ASAP.
    And I have the same endless tbr as you do hahhah (I even have the same books on the tbr as you xD)

    Thanks for the tag 💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s amazing omg hahaha!! Maybe we should buddy read 😏The cover of poppy war really is gorgeous, if I ever buy a copy I’ll have to find this one 😂And of course (for the tag)! Hope you have fun with it ❤️


  2. I really enjoyed this romp through ‘You’. I actually find it quite fascinating to find out which book ‘launches’ one’s hobby of book reviewing. I unfortunately, or fortunately(?), don’t have any book you mentioned in my TBR nor have I read any of them. Hope you do get through your TBR though. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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