Hello everyone! Here is a very short post that I am writing when I really should be asleep (RIP me tomorrow).

Anywayyyy I’m writing this to let you all know that I am very very inactive right now because of school (yikes). Let me explain my situation real quick (I need to rant): I am enrolled in a frankly terrible French online school, where they basically tell you “Here are 20 books with your courses, goodbye see you at the end of the year”. Which not only is GREAT but this year because of COVID-19 we don’t have exams (honestly so relieved about that) but that also means that all the tests I didn’t do during the year because I was busy with college apps I have to do them all now. And it’s so stressful. I’m basically doing a year’s worth of schoolwork right now. Love that for me.

All that to say that I have about 2 weeks of intense school work, and then about 4 more of a little bit more relaxed school work. I won’t be posting anything during the next two weeks, and maybe one or two posts during the month after that. Once I’m done (and hopefully graduated, cross your fingers for me pleaaase) I will seriously start posting more!

Aaaaand I’m super excited about that! My TBR is a million kilometers long and I seriously need to catch up on my goodreads goal… I’m around 40 books behind and I feel like crying.

Second thing! I just made a Bloglovin’ and you can now follow me on there! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

If you want to find me to scream about books while I’m on hiatus I’m active on my instagram and my twitter!

Sending lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

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